Great Irish People - The Book

A Dictionary of Irish Biography -  Published by Liberties Press.

Great Irish People is the first ever county by county Dictionary of Irish Biography, authored by Séamus Moran and detailing the lives of over 1000 Irish born men and women, is complete with beautifully rendered portraits of the entrants and is a unique work of historical literature which encompasses the definitive years in Irish history spanning from 1600 to 2012.

This significant time period witnessed the establishment of:

  • The United States of America – the greatest nation on Earth.
  • The development and subsequent demise of the British Empire.
  • The march to nationhood of over fifty countries across the globe.
  • The founding of a new independent Ireland.

This is all recalled through the achievements of the Irish born men and women who made a significant and long-lasting contribution in each of these happenings.

Detailing the lives of over one-thousand Irish-born men and women and brought to life by over 900 illustrations by Argentinean artists Gabriel and Diego Navarre the book places a distinct emphasis on enlightening the reader on the era that has the most significant bearing, on who and what we have become today. So whether you or your ancestors are from Dublin, Derry, Cork or Kerry, the exploits and achievements of people from your county are there to be admired and treasured.

The book, which also includes a brief history of Ireland, other important dates in world history as well as a county by county census of Ireland (2006) and a list of county anthems, affords the reader a casual and enjoyable reading experience with concise entries on extraordinary Irish-born people including American civil war generals both Union and Confederate, all Irish awardees of the Victoria Cross, inventors, architects, artists, actors, composers, bankers, engineers, lawyers, writers, sports people, musicians, military personnel, politicians, philanthropists, patriots, and even criminals, conmen and fraudsters. This is the indispensably definitive guide to great Irish people from all thirty-two counties.

Waterford businessman and historian Séamus Moran, who now resides in Spain, possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of Irish history having extensively studied it and its people for over 50 years.

"As an Irish-American, the spectacular achievements of Irish born men    and women in the history of America and indeed the four corners of  the   globe, never ceases to amaze me. The 18th and 19th century, is a   period  that particularly intrigues me, when having to leave Ireland in    circumstances of extreme deprivation, these extraordinary people    attained  positions and status and achieved amazing things  in their    lives far surpassing their humble beginnings. Be it America, Canada,    Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Russia or numerous other    nations around the world, these Irish men and women left an indelible    legacy. All are recalled with the deeds and exploits of numerous  others   from all walks of life in this interesting and captivating  read"

- MICHAEL FLATLEY, Dancer, Producer, Choreographer, Musician, Entertainer, Irish-American.


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